A B O U T    E A R T H   V E S S E L        

    Earth Vessel began as a facebook page in 2012 when EV reached out to use

my gift to bring some inspiration and uplifiting messages to the masses through my free mini readings and inspirational updates.


The response was an international following of thousands within

a few short weeks that held beautiful reviews,  heart warming connections and an overwhelming demand.


With the demand for readings from around the world piling up alongside people knocking on the front door for in person readings, we chose to start this website to make readings available to our international following with affordable prices holding the desire for connection to spirit an achievable and fun experience for all.


You can join the “Earth Vessel Meditation & Readings” FB page to partake in the fun and free mini readings from time to time or if your seeking a more in-depth personal reading and connection go ahead and book a personal reading for yourself. We promise it will be inspirational, encouraging and heart warming.


To give you the full experience of an ascended life with spirit EV website seeks to provide you with beautiful  clothing, music & resources to help you on your spiritual journey & bring delight into your home… 

which you’ll find within our shop, events and blog.


as always, blessings EV



R E A D I N G S    W I T H    E V

Naomi, otherwise known as EV started experiencing 

spirit as a child when she first saw the spirit of a young

girl approach her at the age of 7.


It wasn’t until later in life when her mother passed away and began communicating to her that she was led down the path of  becoming a clairvoyant medium.


It was the touching stories, the intuitive guidance, heart warming reviews and

the beauty of connecting people with spirit in a fun and loving nature that

had her hooked on becoming an earth vessel.


With a passion to grow and continue learning from her guides, her clients

and the beautiful mentors that are brought along her path she remains

open to whatever spirit has lined up for her and finds the journey to be a thrilling experience that 

she is honoured to share with others.


R E A D I N G     S T Y L E

The EV readings are always of a positive nature to help uplift and encourage you

with insight that will help to confirm your current path and get you focused on

moving forward into your life purpose.  Her mediumship connections are a little

touch of heaven, helping to comfort and bring through the guidance of those who are sending love from the other realms.